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    Hello and welcome
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    No feedback needed, but thanks for the appreciation. I "kudoed" you because you seem a good-hearted individual.


    Reply from Hawkeye Crow:

    HeHe I'm getting better. I have been a royal asshole in my time and not knowing it was the worst. I need to turn that into strategy. Don Juan could be an asshole too , with purpose! And Carlos? Well....
    Perhaps I'm a different kind of asshole these days. I'm not buying other people's crap anymore, and taking a stand when able. This forum is a good training ground.

    Your work here is provacative and I enjoy it as well.
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    Reply from Hawkeye Crow:

    If I understand this , you desire feedback? If so , all I say is that you do good work on the forum , thoughtful and provocative.

    Hawkeye Crow